Health Benefits

From aches and pains to chronic diseases, hydrotherapy can be used to treat ailments your body is suffering from with water. A bath and hot compress are only a couple of the numerous forms of hydrotherapy. In addition, there are many different types of applications within these forms.

Blaneotherapy is the use of hot tubs or spas as a submerged bathing therapy. As a superior source for health benefits, hot tubs offer several “wellness” aids including heat, buoyancy, pressure and resistance.

Joints as well as other parts of the body are relieved of pressure when buoyancy reduces gravity. Resistance through forces against your body’s movement helps to increase your endurance and muscle strength.

Heat is important when lowering your blood pressure and improving your blood circulation because it dilates your blood vessels. Muscles are soothed when pressure is applied by the massaging jets.

Two notable aspects of sauna bathing therapy are the relaxing experience and the detoxifying perspiration. Saunas are made to promote heat which allows them to offer a variety of health benefits.

Sinus pressure, sore throat, congestion and lung conditions are just some of the respiratory symptoms that can be relieved by the steam from a traditional sauna.

The body’s impurities can be removed from the body, with the help of steam and high heat produced by the sauna. Heat can promote cardiovascular health. Safe, deep-penetrating UV rays can help with muscular health when emitted by an infrared sauna.